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Your garbage disposal is something that you should take care of because it’s one of those major appliances in your kitchen. When they break down, especially without warning like this can happen sometimes- our team will be there as soon as possible with all parts needed for repairs so engaging us today means no more headaches or worried about when things are going to get fixed!

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When you need a plumber who knows what they’re doing and won't charge an arm or leg, C3 Plumbing is your go-to company. We can help with any type of problem: from fixing leaks to installing new fixtures so call us today!

How to Prevent a Garbage Disposal Breakdown

Garbage disposals are a common household appliance, but they can also be a breeding ground for bacteria if not properly cleaned and maintained.
By following these simple tips, you can help prevent your garbage disposal from breaking down and save yourself the hassle (and smell) of having to call a plumber.

  • Cleaning your garbage disposal is easy and only takes a few minutes each week.
  • A broken garbage disposal can be expensive to repair, so it’s important to take preventive measures to keep it running smoothly.

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